Beekeeping Training And Research

Is beekeeping economical?

Short answer – absolutely! 

Most people consider beekeeping as an alternative livelihood business. Others are so scared of the bees that they don’t even want to hear b… 

But actually, it is one of most profitable businesses you can venture into. And with proper practice, you can keep bees for years without getting a sting. 

So kill the fear. And be ready for a great business opportunity. 

Types of Beekeeping trainings we offer

Honeybee Beekeeping

Honeybees are very common in the various regions across West Africa. They produce most of the pure honey you see in the market.

And their honey is in high demand. For example, Ghana imported 6.41 metric tons of honey in 2019, compared to the 35.86 metric tons of honey that was imported into the country.

Beesnest offers practical training for individuals and corporate institutions who are interest in beekeeping.

Stingless Beekeeping

Stingless bees by their name, do not sting. But some of them produce highly medicinal honey as you will see at the International Stingless Bee Centre.

Stingless Beekeeping is rapidly gaining a lot of attention due to its medicinal properties. Also, propolis, which is a by-product is gaining lots of attention in the field of medicine.

And the good news - you can even keep them in your backyard. Get in touch and let's arrange for your training.

Why trust our training

The team at Beesnest is full of beekeeping professionals. And the leader, Prof. Peter Kwapong has more than 20years experience in teaching and keeping bees. 

Apart from the fact that you will get hands-on experience in beekeeping, you’ll also be trained on product packaging, branding, and how to make business out of beekeeping. 

And if you need help in getting tools and equipment for starting, we can assist you. 

Frequently Asked Question!

stingless bee with pollen on its pollen basket at Beesnest Ghana

Yes! Beesnest Ghana has a serene and safe environment for children of all ages. 

International Stingless Bee Centre is Beesnest Ghana’s tourism facility. It is located just 3km away from Kakum National Park Visitor Centre. And 30km from Cape Coast. 

No! Only bees that do not sting are kept at the centre. So don’t be afraid. 

Yes!. We conduct practical trainings on both stinging and stingless beekeeping. 

Yes!. We have FDA approved honey packages of different sizes for sale. We have both stingless bee honey and honeybee honey  for sale. And we can deliver to you wherever you are. 

No! Every tour is accompanied by a professional tour guide. And he/she will explain the amazing world of the bees to you. 

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Abrafo Odumase, near Kakum National Park, Central Region, Ghana

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