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Propolis tincture, a product of Beesnest Ghana

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Stingless Bees are particularly known to produce highly medicinal honey. But if you haven’t heard of the incredible propolis, then you are about to open your mouth wide. 

Apart from honey, stingless bees produce Bee Pollen and Propolis. And these products are FDA approved and are available for sale at the International Stingless Bee Centre.  


Honeybee Honey

We have both stingless bee honey and honeybee honey packaged under hygienic conditions, and approved by the FDA for sale.

Propolis tincture, a product of Beesnest Ghana


Propolis is a natural immune booster. And recently, it is gaining popularity as the magical product for treating cancerous wounds.

Stingless Bee Honey

Stingless Bee Honey is highly medicinal compared to honey from honeybees. Consuming this type of honey is twice more beneficial to your health.

Frequently Asked Question!

Honey from Beenest Ghana's Bee Centre

Yes! All our products on the market are FDA approved. 

Yes! We can supply you with any quantity you want. 

Stingless bee honey is pure honey produced by stingless bees. And they are highly medicinal.  Honeybee honey is pure honey produced by honeybees (Apis). 

You can place your order by contacting us. And we we will arrange and have it delivered to you where ever you are. But you’ll pay for delivery cost. 

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