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Prof Kwapong delivering a speech during the commissioning of Beesnest Ghana

Prof. Peter Kwapong- Founder

“Observing the different types of bees that do not sting in such a serene environment alone calms the mind, and teaches a lot about nature. And we can train you on how to keep them in your backyard.”

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visitor listens to the buzzing sound of stingless bees in their hive at Beesnest Ghana


A thrilling adventure at the International Stingless Bee Centre. Just 3km from the Kakum National Park.

Prof Kwapong opening a hive at Beesnest Ghana during a training

Beekeeping Training

Corporate and individual practical beekeeping trainings. Make passive income with little.

Honey from Beesnest Ghana

Honey and Hive Products

Buy pure honey, propolis and other highly medicinal products from bees. All are FDA approved and certified.

Experience nature at its core

Watching stingless bees and their unique social system is simply amazing. 

You get to know about the different types of bees that do not sting. And how bees manufacture honey in the most complex architechtural environment. 

And wait! there’s a lot of hive products and souvinirs to surprise your loved ones. 

Stingless Bees brood section in spiral design

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Scenes from the Centre

visitor listens to the buzzing sound of stingless bees in their hive at Beesnest Ghana
African American visitors at the Beesnest Centre

It’s quiet, beautiful, and and simply intriguing. And we have modern but environmentally friendly washroom facilities to accommodate everyone. 


Students at the conference hall of Beesnest Ghana's ecotourism facility
Non Ghanaians hiking at Beesnest Ghana

Frequently Asked Question!

stingless bee with pollen on its pollen basket at Beesnest Ghana

Yes! Beesnest Ghana has a serene and safe environment for children of all ages. 

International Stingless Bee Centre is Beesnest Ghana’s tourism facility. It is located just 3km away from Kakum National Park Visitor Centre. And 30km from Cape Coast. 

No! Only bees that do not sting are kept at the centre. So don’t be afraid. 

Yes!. We conduct practical trainings on both stinging and stingless beekeeping. 

Yes!. We have FDA approved honey packages of different sizes for sale. We have both stingless bee honey and honeybee honey  for sale. And we can deliver to you wherever you are. 

No! Every tour is accompanied by a professional tour guide. And he/she will explain the amazing world of the bees to you. 

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+233 271 134 449

Abrafo Odumase, near Kakum National Park, Central Region, Ghana

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