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the Wisdom in hives

If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

– Albert Einstein

Experience nature at its core

Visit the International Stingless Bee Centre near Kakum National Park. And experience a life time adventure worth repeating. 

stingless bee hive entrance, hypotrigona at Beesnest Ghana
The great architects

Watch breath-taking structures in the bee's nest. And you'll love nature forever more.

Visitor touching a bee at the Beesnest Ghana tourist site
Touch and smile

The best way to describe the experience is how honey tastes. You just have to experience it yourself.

honey from the Beesnest Ghana Ecotourism Centre
Souvinirs & Products

Grab a natural immune booster, honey, and other amazing souvinirs to surprise your loved one.

Research and training

Research and training is one of our core activities. 

Beesnest Ghana conducts research into stingless beekeeping, their role in biodiversity conservation, and their ecotourism potential. 

And we train individuals and corporate institutions on proper beekeeping for making money. 

Hive product development

Propolis tincture made from propolis, a natural antibiotic from Stingless bees.

Propolis is one of the most effective natural antibiotics. It is scientifically known for its effectiveness in treating cancerous wounds and boosting your immune system.

honey from the Beesnest Ghana Ecotourism Centre

Stingless bees are generally known to produce highly medicinal honey. And we package under extremely hygienic conditions.

Stingless bee on an open pollen pot in a bees' nest.

Pollen is another important product from bees. It is one of the most powerful natural food supplements on the market.

What tourists say

"I can't believe I touched bees. Super amazing experience of a lifetime."
Ron Burnwood
"Very interesting facility. Serene environment, beautiful people, and amazing story about the bees. I love it."
Lily Granger​
"At first I was so scared of 'African bees' because I was told they can kill. But that is wrong. You can even touch the bees here."
Jeson Foxx

Scenes from the centre

Beesnest’s tourism facility, the International Stingless Bee Centre is located just about 5km from the Kakum National Park Visitor Centre.

Visitors touching bees at the stingless bee centre in Ghana, Beesnest.
Visitor listens attentively to stingless bees in their hive at Beesnest
Visitors hiking at the Beesnest Ghana Centre
beesnestghana students with Paul

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